Sounding Seminar: Disentangling Church & Culture

12/16/2022 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM ET


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On-line via Zoom



This year, among many other offerings, Coracle has been exploring the themes of “Discernment” as well as “Deconstruction, Doubt, and Redemption.” We recently finished the former by looking at Barriers to Discernment. We have one more offering to wrap up our look at deconstruction, which can be defined as “the thoughtful, honest, and serious evaluation and questioning of one’s current beliefs in God, the Christian faith, and the Church.”

Some people deconstruct their Christian faith because they no longer want to abide by its demands. Deconstruction does not always mean leaving the faith. Others deconstruct and examine their faith wanting a more solid, tested faith. Some do so because of traumatic experiences with the church or the failure of its leaders. Other people are not deconstructing Christianity itself as much as trying to disentangle Christianity from its culture-based expressions, such as in America or in the West, or wherever it is found.

On Friday, December 16 at 12.30pm, we’ll consider what some of that might look like in an American context for our next Soundings Seminar on “Disentangling Christianity from Our Culture”, when Rev. Bill Haley, Coracle's Executive Director, will lead a conversation with the two co-chairs of our Coracle board, the Rev. Dr. Kendrick Curry and Rich Dean, JD. We hope you’ll join us not only for an important conversation, but also so you can get to know some of our leadership!